Nothing Stops You
Right before Serena Williams entered the semi-final round of the 2014 US Open, and right before Powerbeats 2 Wireless debuted, we created a collaborative soft launch for the new product. 

 Hitting at just the right moment, we got 1.2 million YouTube views in 2 days. Then we followed it up with a congratulations freestyle from famed lyricist Sunni Patterson – who was also featured in the film’s soundtrack, “Black Unicorn” by 2Chainz. 


serena_4_0001_Layer Comp 2
serena_3_0002_Layer Comp 3
serena_4_0002_Layer Comp 3
As a way to continue the product push after the LeBron and Serena campaigns, we created a series of product films devoted to displaying the range in use for the product. While giving us an intimate look into our athlete's workout routine.

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