Young bucks

Director / Rance Randle
DP / William Perls
Executive Producer / Rance Randle
Executive Producer / Dimitri Kalagas
Executive Producer/ Andy McGraw
Producer / Whitney Husnak
Producer / Gregg Dyer
Producer / Aileen Bailat
Sound Engineer / Ruth Krager
Assistant Camera / Nate McNabb
Sound Mix / Jordan Meltzer
Color / Aubrey Woodiwiss 
Music / Alain Emile

When I was seven years old, my mother took me to the Bill Picket Rodeo. It was indelible, to say the least. 

Many years later I took my own son and was amazed at the community and family atmosphere. But, the observation of new school and old school, tech vs primal desire struck a nerve. So on January 1, 2019, I decided this would be a story I would like to tell.

My first directing opportunity was creating from this, and turned into a half hour documentary. It was, and has been, a huge undertaking alongside those names mentioned to the left of this paragraph. 

And, we are still feverishly grinding to get this piece done. Stay tuned.

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