Dante's Inferno

In this game, Greed is a two-sided beast. One side is the hoarder and the other
is the waster. 

To reflect this duality, we sent influencers at the largest video game websites checks for $200. They could either ignore the check, or cash it – becoming either prodigal or avaricious. No matter what they chose, they were guilty of the sin of GREED, and were damned accordingly in a follow-up. 

Many members of the press, and their followers, tried to scheme their way out of this conundrum through donating, destroying, or ignoring,  but their scheming simply allowed us to share another aspect of the game. It turns out, Dante had thought of everything.

INFERNO_0000_Layer Comp 1
INFERNO_0006_Layer Comp 7
INFERNO_0001_Layer Comp 2
INFERNO_0003_Layer Comp 4
INFERNO_0002_Layer Comp 3
INFERNO_0005_Layer Comp 6
INFERNO_0004_Layer Comp 5
One of our influencers (DESTRUCTOID) created a video of how they spent the $200. Take a look at Greed at it's best. 

Creative Director - Jason Bagley
Sr. Art Director - Dominick Orlando
Sr. Copywriter - Charlie Gschewn 
Jr. Art Director - Rance Randle

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